Dr. Jay provides individual integrative psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapy incorporates elements of psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapies such as EMDR. He also provide adjunctive EEG biofeedback (aka neurofeedback or neurotherapy) as needed and is comfortable working with persons desiring therapy from Christian perspective (Dissertation: God Image Inventory Scoring Program). He works most frequently with adults dealing with major depression, anxiety disorders, relationship issues, and spiritual issues; he also has worked with adults and children with Autism, Aspergers Disorder, and ADHD.

What is Therapy?

In short, it is one of the most rewarding and effortful experiences in which you can invest. Therapy is a place to feel and reflect. We will examine the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and actions. We will look at how the past impacts your present experiences and relationship patterns. You will intellectually gain new perspectives but you will also experience yourself and relationship differently in the context of safety, understanding, and commitment. With time and effort, you will experience greater clarity and motivation to make positive changes. In moments, you may experience sudden perspective shifts, like someone has removed blinders from your eyes. Most of the time, change will occur more subtly—bit by bit over time—because taking on new perspectives of ourselves and others is difficult and often a bit frightening. The perspectives and experiences of yourself that you will gain will be truly new but will also feel as though you are stepping more fully into the self you have always been and wanted to be.