Welcome to My Website!

I created this site to inform you about my professional psychology practice serving the Irvine, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa areas and to provide helpful resources at the same time. I hope this site will help you understand why people like you seek psychological services and how those services can help you and those you love live happier, healthier and more fullfilling lives. If you still have questions after you've read the information provided here then please don't hesitate to contact me.

For over ten years, I have helped people recognize that their fear, despair, self-sabotaging beliefs, negative relationship patterns, and harmful behaviors are vital messages of what is needed and what is blocking their ability to reach their full potential, develop satisfying relationships, and feel more alive. Within a therapeutic relationship of understanding, insight, and connection, you will experience greater clarity and courage to make positive changes. I see my role as helping you become more fully and authentically yourself.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation so that you can see how we would work together, please donít hesitate to call.